Race Series Results – Partipation Points

Here are the participation points totals for the Bayside Runner Race Series.  Runners in with a point total 18 and over earned a medal.  Runners with a point total 24 and over earned a medal AND a Mizuno Running Vest.  This was a year long series and congrats to those with the “sticktuativeness” to complete the series.  But also, congrats to all participants.  The hardest step is the that first step out the door and to just participate in one race is a success!

Prize winners should contact the store with their vest size (if you earned it) and the vests and medals will be distributed soon!  If you feel your point total is incorrect check the participation points rules and contact the store or raceseries@baysiderunner.com.  Errors in point totals could be from lack of reporting.  We tried to look back at all the races, but you didn’t report you may not be getting all your points!

Last Name First Name Participation Points
Sorensen Drew 27
Brunelle Ellen 25
Libbey Christopher 24
Ashman Charlie 22
Sorensen Jim 21
Pasquantonio Mark 19
Sciebley Lisa 19
Rodgers Joyce 18
Ruprecht Andy 15
Carmichael Charlene 15
Cohen Michelle 13
Roberts Erin 12
Sanders Heidi 12
Manuel Scott 10
Manuel Stephanie 10
McKay Donna 10
Greaves Tara 10
Blandin Marc 9
Groppi Lauren 9
Stidstone Heather 9
Ball Dawn 7
Dean Tonya 7
Zacchini Eric 7
Shea Donna 7
Bartula Emily 6
Gildred Terrence 6
McClain Larah 6
Geary Dan 6
Glynn Bonnie 6
Madden Brian 6
Holdsworth Lynn 6
Brodie Morgan 6
Clark Charles 6
Weeks Maryellen 5
Cristofori Nate 4
Brickley Bryan 3
Rivard Ann Marie 3
Brown Therese 3
Giordani Corrine 3
Murphy Chris 3
Sovik Christine 3
Weekly Shawna 3
Donlan Rebecca 3
Best Stacey 3
Brodie Chris 3
Clark David 3
Clark Lee A. 3
DiMarzio Ann Marie 3
Dunn Steven 3
Josephs Jodi 3
White Karen 3
Hunter Danny 3
O’Fallell Kevin 3
Bassett Maxwell 3
Brodie Paige 3
Buchanan Sarah 3
Donlan James 3
Donlan Sarah 3
Creighton Heidi 1
Wilson Rich 1
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