About Bayside Runner

Bayside Runner is the South Shore and Cape Cod’s¬†independently owned and operated store for runners and walkers. We are committed not only to helping runners and walkers at all levels find the right shoes, apparel and accessories, but also to inspiring our customers to live a healthy life and to enjoy the benefits of being fit.

We specialize in matching you with shoes that keep you from getting injured and make you feel good. When you come to Bayside Runner, we listen to your needs, provide a biomechanical analysis of your running style, and recommend footwear that will keep your feet happy for miles and miles. We also have the apparel to help you look as great as you feel and the accessories to help you attain your fitness goals.

We welcome all customers, whether you are a competitor, avid runner, pleasure walker, or just starting to explore the world outside your door.

Want to know more?
Check out Our Story and Meet the Dudes and Dudettes of Bayside Runner to learn more about the fun, friendly, and knowledge people behind the Bayside shield. See how and why we conduct our unique Shoe Fit process. Or better yet, come visit us at our Plymouth Store, or our new store in Yarmouth!

See you on the run!

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