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Q: How long do running and walking shoes last?
BR says: It depends on the type of shoe and its materials. A general rule of thumb is about 300-500 miles of activity. We also recommend a fresh pair every 6 months.
Q: Who makes the best shoes?
BR says: All of the footwear brands we carry are excellent products. However, each one is built differently and has a unique fit. That’s why we encourage you to try on several brands.
Q: How soft or hard should a shoe feel?
BR says: A general rule of thumb is that the more stability a runner needs, the stiffer the shoe needs to be. That being said, there are many ways of modifying shoes to your taste with inserts and socks. Remember though, all shoes will probably feel a little stiffer than you would like in the store and during the break-in period.
Q: How long does it take to break in new shoes?
BR says: If you track your mileage, it’s normal for a 50- to 100-mile break in period. It’s a good idea to break them in slowly, and if there is life left in your old shoes, set-up a brief rotation system. We don’t recommend running a full week’s mileage in a brand new pair of shoes.

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