Shoe Fit

At Bayside Runner, we understand that runners and walkers have personal relationships with their shoes. Like all relationships, there are ups and downs and likes and dislikes. Our goal is to match you with the perfect pair of running shoes. We want you to love your shoes and we back up our shoe match-making process with our 30-Day Guarantee (See below for details). Also, please read our FAQ.

What to bring with you:

  • Your current pair of running shoes. It’s a bonus to know your shoes’ age in days, months or years and their age in miles run or walked.
  • The socks that you typically use for running or walking.
  • Loose fitting or athletic clothing.

In store it’s all about you. We want to understand your goals and your running or walking style. First, we ask you questions to understand your current fitness and your goals. We make observations based on the information about your current shoes. Please be ready to remove your shoes and socks. We assess the structure of your feet and legs by accurately measuring your length and width, assessing you arch height and assessing your bio-mechanical structure. We watch you walk in the store, and recommend a shoe based on the data we’ve collected.

Now it’s your turn. We encourage you to take a spin, outside around the building if it’s nice, in each of the shoes we recommend.

30 Day Running/Walking Return Policy

Thank you for coming to Bayside Runner to be fitted for your shoes!  Although you have been expertly fitted for your new shoes, we understand that there are times when new shoes just don’t work out.

Items purchased at Bayside Runner may be exchanged within 30 days, or returned for a refund within 15 days of the original purchase.  Exchanges do not extend the 30 days.  For a full refund the items must be in original and resellable condition with all packaging and tags.

Bayside Runner reserves the right to limit returns or exchanges regardless of receipt; excessive return or exchange transactions may result in a warning or denial of a particular return.

This policy does not cover Vibram Five Fingers or sandals from any brand. See below for more information on Vibram Five Fingers. Returns must include an original receipt, plus all tags and packaging. Any footwear that was special ordered includes a $30 non-refundable fee.

A couple of notes on what new shoes do and don’t do:

  • Running shoes can help alleviate some of the causes of injuries, but are not an overnight cure.  Not every injury is necessarily caused or eased by shoes.
  • It takes 2 FULL WEEKS to break in a quality pair of running shoes.  They will feel different at times than they did in the store.  Give them time to break in before judging whether they will work long-term.
  • If during the fitting process, you and your fitter agreed upon a shoe size that’s different from what you are normally accustomed to, remember that it can take up to a month to adjust to the new size.

Vibram Five Fingers Return Policy

We are excited that you are interested in trying Vibram Five Fingers and exploring minimalism in your running shoes!  When used properly, minimalism can have many benefits.

Due to business constraints, we have a different return policy for Vibram Five Fingers than we do for the other shoes we carry.  Five Fingers shoes must be returned within 30 days,  in “like new” selling condition, with the original box and tags.  They cannot display any evidence of having been worn outside or be dirty, scuffed, or the like.

If they are not in “like new” condition, we can only accept returns for manufacturer’s defects such as torn stitching, damaged straps, irregularities in the sole or insole, or color bleeding issues. We accept returns for manufacturer’s defects up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

Returns must include an original receipt, plus all tags and packaging.

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